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Hi, I am Christiana Marie

I am the Owner & Instructor of Dance Club, a wildly energizing and celebratory dance fitness class that exercises the body and spirit. 

I am also the Guide & Coach of ReWild - Somatic Coaching for Women's Pleasure and Liberation. I support women in rewiring their nervous system to be able to confidently express their desires, surrender into pleasure, and live a more liberated lifestyle.  


I offer my clients a genuine, celebratory, and grounded space of embodiment for both coaching and dancing. In these containers clients develop and strengthen the wisdom of both their mind and body reclaim and integrate all parts of themselves so they have the audacity to express their aliveness.

Image by Omar Lopez

Jia Gottlieb, MD

"If you do choose to pursue PLEASURE wholeheartedly, it is crucial to keep your wits about you, go for the GENUINE article, and not settle for any cheap imitations."

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