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Dance Club SLO, Holistic Sex Coach, Dance Fitness, Zumba

About Me

I am a dancer celebrating over 35 years of learning, performing, competing, and teaching dance. 

I'm so incredibly grateful God and my mom offered the gift of dance into my life. Dancing has given me purpose, discipline, joy, self confidence, and embodied expression. 

Teaching dance catalyzed my ability to masterfully call forth authentic expressions of sensuality and play in other women. 

Now to the sex part. 

I wanted more out of my sex life. I wanted to feel satisfied, alive, and creative but I didn't have the faintest idea what that looked like let alone how to give that to myself, and I needed to do something about it because my libido was taking a nose dive and pain was starting to settle in my body during and after sex. 

I was introduced to the ancient Taoist practice of sexual energy cultivation using the jade egg by my teacher, Layla Martin in 2017. I started to experience greater arousal and better orgasms within only a few sessions.  In 2021, I signed up for Layla's VITA Sex and Love Coaching Certification, a 1 year intensive coaching certification.  

In the year, I learned how to feel more, both emotionally and physically, and how to liberate those feelings with such undeniable veracity. It felt so god damn good to love my sexual shame as well as my sensuality. I learned not only how to ignite my sexual turn on, but to intentionally move that turn on throughout my whole body. 

The best part was learning how to coach someone through being their most authentic and powerful sexual self. To actually watch them embody something they never felt before. To witness that moment where they step into a piece of themselves that was there all along, see them amaze and scare themselves for a moment, and watch them resettle into the version they had hoped they would become and experience what they had only wished to happen. 

I bring my unique flavor of celebration while remaining grounded in my coaching and dancing. I hold space and validate a persons experience and current emotional response. I encourage my clients to take radical responsibility in their lives and emotional well being. The work that I do builds confidence, calls back desire, creates greater sensation in the body, self discovery, and lasting integration. 

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