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Embodiment Workshop for women 

June 8, 2024 2-4PM
1333 Van Beurden Drive Suite 201
Los Osos, CA

Being able to explore and express our erotic selves  requires us to install an internal foundation of resiliency 

As women, we have been inundated with mixed messaging and unhelpful conditioning regarding "appropriate female behavior". It's no wonder we feel lost and unsure about ourselves in relation to love and sex. We cleverly adopt personas and behaviors that allows us to survive our external environments, but at the expense of our own self actualization and pleasure. Some of us received the message that expressing sexual curiosity would lead to array of negative consequences, while some of us received the message that we were not enough to be the object of desire and romantic love. Maybe you have a different but still unhelpful narrative about your lovable sexually self.  Do you feel called to update and integrate a more powerful one that represents a more mature and elevated expression of your eroticism?

You are invited to not only discover the 3 substructures to sexually thriving, but to embody them. 

In order to make the shift from surviving our external environments to flourishing in them, we need to create a THRIVING and RESILIENT inner environment. 

Being able to sexually thrive (or thrive in any area of your life) is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. You already have what it takes to thrive, and the Efflorescence workshop will illuminate the 3 internal substructures and offer a practice that will support your sexual growth. 

What makes Efflorescence unique is that empowers the endogenous capabilities of the body to heal, expand, and transform our lives. 

What to expect 

  • Learn about the evolutionary significance as to why we adapt to environments and take these evolutionary necessities and apply them to the relationship with ourself.

  • Be guided through a felt sense meditation. This is the foundation of diving deeper into the Efflorescence  embodiment practice as well as other practices I offer in my work

  • Be lead through the Efflorescence embodiment practice. This your initiation into anchoring into knowing the 3 substructures of your sovereign ability to thrive, not just in your mind but IN YOUR BODY.   This is your opportunity to practice embodying pleasure in a safe and responsible container. We will access pleasure using gentle and luscious breathwork, movement, and sounding (No nudity or masturbation is happening in this workshop).

  • Group integration. Everyone gets the opportunity to share what they experienced and celebrate themselves. 

  • Receive an audio recording of the practice you learned in the workshop for your own private home play. 


Please come prepared with

  • A yoga mat

  • Layers of comfortable clothing. People experience different and varying body temperature when engaging in embodiment and breathing exercises.  

Workshop cost $98

Early Bird Pricing $88 valid til 5/15/24

After you sign up and pay. Will you please email 
confirming your registration. This also allows me to connect with you to communicate any updates that might occur. 

Christiana Marie is a VITA certified Sex and Love Coach who is passionate about supporting women connect to the felt sense and wisdom of their body, which serves as a entry point into rewiring their nervous system utilizing self pleasure, breathwork, and embodiment practices to reclaim and embody their WHOLENESS and LIBERATION. She teaches women how to use pleasure as way of healing and expanding into higher vibrational states of being. 

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